Song and Doodle #60

Todays song is by the wonderful Margaret Glaspy. I am completely head over heels for her song Somebody to Anybody. At first listen I fell in love with her voice. Its unique, easy to listen too and completely effortless. I love voices that feel like they're coating you like cocoa on rainy days. This specific song became one of my favorites after I paid attention to the lyrics. I realized how much I related to this song and it spoke to a deep insecure part of me that I tend to not pay attention too. The part of me that convinces myself that people don't like me, but covers up for the fact that I probably don't like them as much I tell myself I do. I have a complicated relationship with people, my antisocial-ness makes me a monster to be around at time. This song some how brings light to the flaws I try to hard to bury and there for makes its pretty powerful song ( in my opinion!) Her album Emotions and Math is absolutely stunning from start to finish. I highly recommend picking it up!
"My sister she is gonna die tryin
with her hear ablaze and a fightin song
Not me, I'll be a dandelion 
Give a gust of wind and I'm gone"

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