List of Thoughts as of Late

More and more I've been sharing my personal life, feelings and thoughts on this blog. I think 3 years ago when I started out I didn't want this blog to turn out super personal. I mostly wanted to create a place to log my creative adventures and cool findings and share them with others! I wanted to create something light and readable. Over time that base that I started on slowly changed where now days this blog is more for me and acts like catalog of my life. A catalog of things I find esthetically beautiful, projects I've tried, projects I want to try, mail I have sent and songs I have obsessed over. Part of this change comes from my amazing supportive readers! Most people who read this blog I have a somewhat personalish relationship with. (and if I don't I want too!) That has helped shape my content. I feel comfortable sharing my personal anxieties and trials with all of you. Which has turned out to be an amazing outlet for me! As a girl with social anxiety creating connections can be really tough. BUT I feel like every post I make I get to create a connection with someone and that is one of the coolest things ever! 

Phew! With that said unfortunately recently my family had to say good bye to one of its most lively members. My auntie lost her 8 and a half year long battle to cancer the other week. The shock waves of sorrow are making there way though my family, slowing getting less rocky every day. So I scrape myself together to be able to write this post, to be able to document this time and moment in my life when I realize things will surly never feel how they once did. I feel both irritated and elated about the cycle of life. There is no beginning with out an end. Over all I'm really lucky in life. I'm surrounded by the most amazing people (including all of you!) I get love, comfort, support, honesty and acceptance in every corner of my life. I don't think a lot of people get to say that. 

Sorry for the long post! I'm sure the next couple weeks will be flooded with overly cute and comforting things! Also if I owe you a letter it might be a little delayed, my zest for creating has been fleeting. BUT I'll get on top of it soon! 

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