Zine Submission!

I've been trying to submit more of my art into things lately. I'll go through phrases where I try a little harder then other and this happens to be one of those phases! Utah has a few awesome organizations that support women and minorities. Whenever I see them pop up I always try to contribute any way that I can. Support local! This specific group is called SLC Pink and they are a submission based zine! They mainly focus on ladies and non binary folks! This rounds theme is self portrait. So here is my entry for the zine. 

I know that I should have thought a little more out of the box rather than just a straight forward portrait. So I'm not going to be too surprised if I don't make it in. BUT I really love the way this turned out. I've really been developing and working on my specific style and finding something that fits me and is consistent with my other work. This is has always been a challenge for me but I feel like I'm on a good path. With this self portrait I really wanted my message to be that women can (and do!) have facial hair. Its a human thing that I know a lot of women are really mortified about (including myself!) but really shouldn't be. I wish it was easier to embrace the beauty of facial hair. That is the main point to my mustachioed self portrait. I think it does a good job at conveying the point, with out looking like a mustache plopped onto a girl. Creating this drawing also made me love and accept myself a little bit more! Overall I'm really happy with it! 

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