Lovely Things: Comforts!

I've had a pretty emotional slump lately. Admittedly I let myself wallow when I shouldn't but ya know sometimes you just need to feed into it! Between loading myself with ice cream, comfort food and binge watching series on Netflix I've been obsessing over comfy cute things on the interwebs! The theory is if I stare at cute comfy things long enough maybe it'll give me the strength to scrape myself together and act more adulty. BUT until now here are some random cute things! 
DIY Confetti Poppers. I think everyday at work we should have random confetti celebrations just for showing up and being at work. I've been thinking about starting it, but I'm not sure if my boss will be too thrilled about it. 
Paper Kitty. I desperately want a kitty to cuddle with right now, but I know I'm not responsible enough to take care of another being. Hell I can barely take care of myself! So for now I think a paper kitty will do! 
Sprinkles! I think its true that sprinkles make everything 10 times better! 
 Won ton Soup! Yes I know its summer but nothing is more comforting then asian food. THIS blog has a TON of good recipes!
Bear Pillow! OH man this is not only adorable but it looks soooo cozy! 
Vintage Cameras! These are way too cute. I think I'd have to buy them all as a set, because I'm a camera nerd like that! 
Chunky Blanket! Again, I know its summer but when I've been spending this much time in my bed and on the couch I need something bright and comfy! 

I'm holding out hope that its true with the bad comes good. 

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