Snail Mail My Email Project!

The project Snail Mail My Email is now opened to sign up! I'm quite excited. I didn't get to participate last time cause I was too slow. But not this time! I feel like I've been in a bit of a creative funk for the past couple weeks. Hopefully this is just the project I need to pull me out of it! How it works is people email in letters and you type them up and make a bit of pretty mail and send it off! Seems kinda nosy to read someones but I really love that idea since I'm such a snoop. I'm excited to make something beautiful for some random person. Nothing is better than getting a pretty letter in the mail! You can go HERE to sign up and THERE to read more about the project!

I'm sure once I get my creative things made I'll do a post some photos! Until then sign up and keep on writing letters!

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