Lovely Things: Brooches!

I've been a bit down lately and something that always makes me feel better is buying a new brooch or necklace. BUT funds have been on the lower side so there's not much room in the budget for unnecessary things. So I've been looking on Etsy for something affordable. Here are some brooches I found for under $20!
Super cute honey bee brooch for $5! (Stefmadendraws)
Fingers Crossed for $13! (Kates Little Store)
Little pineapple brooch for $7! (Katy Pillinger Designs)
Cute lil'kitty brooch for $12 (I Like Cats Shop)
Beautiful bunny brooch for $19! (Tukoni Tribe)

Pretty things make me happy! 


  1. Ohh that bee brooch is really super awesome!
    Sadly shipping almost always costs me an arm and a leg..
    I recently bought a "craft is in my blood" brooch from andsmile studio. Have you seen those? Not too pricey and super cute!

    1. Oh I haven't seen those before! I love the Moonrise Kingdom ones!! So cute. :)

  2. edit: I added the shop to my favorites list on Etsy! Sooo many cute ones! Have you seen the typewriter brooch?! =O