Outgoing Mail!

I've been lazy with my correspondence lately. BUT I signed up for a swap so it forced me to dig though some of my still unpacked moving boxes! I wanted to share this cute idea for a clear envelope mail art! It looks way neat and you can reuse all sorts of little clear baggies. You can reuse ones from stickers, card packs or any crafty supplies. A wonderful way to reuse! I just love how they looks with the confetti and you can write cute doodles on the plastic with a sharpie! Such a neat idea, you should try it out next time you want to send some cute mail!
 I also included a poem and a mini about me zine!
I also got a LONG over due letter created and written. I probably spent too long on this envelope but it was really relaxing and fun! I'll share more about the letter later when I stop being lazy and edit the photos!

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  1. I love using clear envelopes.
    I usually buy them at the craftstore. I think I pay about 3 euros for 100 envelopes so thats not bad ;-)