List of Thoughts as of Late + LINKS!

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1- Today is the first time that it has felt some what like fall. The cool breeze and early sun set caught me off guard but I'll admit I'm quite delighted! I think summer is officially coming to an end.
2- Speaking of fall this Pumpkin Lasagna looks super sweet and yummy!
3-I watched THIS video the other day and I fell in love. These little guys are so cute! I think I need a pet hermit crab.
4- Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the anticipation of life that I forget that life is happening right now! Is that just a weird me thing?
5- I still have a lot of mail to catch up on and about 15 half done projects. Oh and boxes to unpack!
6- I found THIS link that might help me with my mail art catch up!
7- I also need to catch up on my art journal. Which I'm now 7 days behind on.
8- THIS tumblr is a great place for art journal inspiration!
9- Luckily I have today off so I can work on all these projects!
10- I'm excited about life! I hope I don't get lazy!

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