Feels like Fall!

Today is the first day of Fall!! On this lovely Autumnal Equinox you can find me wearing my favorite big sweater sipping on a hot chai tea. (Although honestly its still too hot here in Utah for that nonsense, but you get the idea!) The fall is my favorite season, as it is for many people! I love the feeling in the air and all the fun activities that come about with the seasons change. I found THIS awesome map so you can choose when the best day to go leaf watching is. I don't like to get out much but I just love our Utah mountains when the trees start to change colors. Who knew death could be so beautiful? This year is just flying by! I can almost hear Christmas bells! Eek. BUT until then I'll get out the pumpkin spice and start baking something!

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  1. Woo cool picture! Nothing better than a pink sky.