Lovely Things: Un-Fireworks!

I'm not the biggest firework fan. Mostly because I have an irrational fear of being caught on fire. Its strange I know! So when the fourth of July rolls around I'm always trying to get people to use un-fireworks around me! Here are some really cool ideas that are great for the kiddos and the weirdos like me who are afraid of fire! 
Confetti popper DIY I love these cause you can make them any design you want and fill them with whatever colors you want! 
Sparklers are a bit on the dangerous side BUT they are just so pretty. HERE are some star shaped ones! eek!
Confetti balloons! They make a loud noise and are so pretty! You can even buy pre made ones HERE
Origami confetti snapper! THIS DIY is super cute! These things make a neat noise and have confetti in them! 
 Confetti throwers! Another thing you can customize and refill and use again! 
Wish lanterns! I'm not gonna lie these floating balls of fire kinda freak me out but once they fly away they are so beautiful! You can find some HERE!

Hope you have a safe 4th of July! Any other suggestions?

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