Facts About Being a Lady: Party In My Pants!

I was reading a blog post a while ago about the company Party In My Pants. I can't seem to find the post now which bums me out. Basically its a company that makes these really pretty cloth pads. Now when I was first looking at the site I kept thinking-- oh yikes. I'm sure I've talked about cloth pads with my sisters before and we all kinda cringed a little bit. After reading the site though it seemed not so bad. So I got the free sample to test it out! That went very well so I took the plunge and tossed some money in and changed the way I was doing thing. Since doing so I've wanted to share my enlightenment with everyone so I figured I'd do a review post!

Here it goes!
Things that I liked:
- Lots of options! They have different sizes, patterns, shapes and materials. I've tried about one of everything and I love them all. Although I like the flannel material the best!
- Better for the environment! When you start thinking about how many pads you can use just in one year. Its crazy! I know its just a small change for a big problem, but you have to start somewhere right?
-Super comfy! I was afraid that with out the sticky-ness that disposable pads have that things would be moving and not so nice. BUT its not bad at all. There is a little bit of adjusting to be done but after a little bit you get use to it. The extra extender snaps help a ton! I highly recommend getting them!
- You always have them! No more running to the store. Also if you're starting to run out you can just wash them and you're good to go. Theres a bit of comfort just knowing that you don't have to worry about not having any supplies when you need them
-How easy it is to fold them up! I was real worried about what to do with the used ones. But once they are used they are easy to fold up and hides all the icky stuff until you can get a chance to wash them. Have a little wet bag really helps! Its really it all about getting a system that works for you!

Things I didn't like:
- Initial cost. Even though you save a lot of money in the long run, dropping all the money at the start kinda sucks.
-Change more often. I've found that with cloth pads I have to change more frequently then with the disposable ones. Which makes sense cause whatever those infinity Always pads are made of are a science miracle. They hold so much liquid!!

Phew so there you have it! What kinda products do you like to use? I'm always curious to hear what other women are using and how it works for them. I know there are a few other companies out there like this one. I'm looking forward to trying out some other ones. I think its safe to say that I'll be using cloth pads for a long time!


  1. A total first for me to comment on such a topic but I'm a lady so here I go.
    I can not for the life of me inmagine ever using cloth pads.
    No matter how cute they are ..
    I would be too worried about leakage, washing them, storing them until you wash them.. smell..

    I am quite happy with my Naturella brand pads. They have a super soft toplayer and are really thin.

    1. hehe well thank you for your comment! I'll admit its a weird thing to post about, but its been on the noggin a lot lately! I was actually surprised about how non-icky the aftermath is and no smell at all! haha I think its something to at least try once! but I'm really glad that theres so many lady products out there that every girl can find what works for them. Cause everyone is different! I'm still trying to wrap my head around the menstrual cup and maybe one day I'll be brave enough to try it!

      As far as the fellas go I figured that if I have to live though the cramps and discomfort then the least they can do is dance around my feminine products around the bathroom and hear me whine about it. I'm lucky that the guys in my house and life let me rant about it!

  2. also I have a guy in the house who realy does not need to know all the details ;-)
    Maybe it's easier with only girls or when you live alone..