Lovely Things: Travels + Beachy Needs!

I get to go to the beach! It feels like a million years since I've been any kinda water. (Thats not a stinky lake!) So I'm quite excited! I'm ready for the sandy bum and frizzy beach hair! ha. Since I've got beach on the mind, here are some internet beach findings! 
 Image found HERE.
Sea salt spray is one of my favorite things ever! A lavender infused one sounds delightful. Found HERE.
Awesome turkish bath towels! I read about these on a blog post about beach must haves so I figured I'd try them out. They're pretty light weight and surprisingly absorbent. I love that they are big and can double as a blanket or table cloth on the beach! I bought these HERE
Lovely image found HERE
Wet bags are a must have for wet swimsuits and whatnots! How cute is this lil fox one! Eep. Found HERE. 
Sunglasses are also a must have. I don't know about you but too much sun in my eyes always give me a head ache! How lovely are these vintage ones! Found HERE.
I hate swimsuits. They always hug my lumps in the most unattractive ways. I know thats such a negative thing to say, but I'm working on it. I've found a new one that I like a lot, but nothing like how beautiful THIS one is. One day I'll be able to afford an expensive one!

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  1. oh this post makes me long for the sea so bad!
    * but with a doggy going to the beach for a day is impossible...

    I have some of those towels. Not only are they great for the beach I also take them to the sauna.
    The do absorb lots and dry quickly.
    Also I luuuuvv sunglasses> the bigger the better. And I luve the current vintage fashion. I just recently bought a new pair but am already eyeing up another pair I saw last week..

    I'm with you on the whole bathing-suit thing. I don't know who designs them but it must be a person without curves. I bought a semi-practical bathingsuit last year. When we go swimming I really need somthing that stays put when I go of the silde ** yes I have lost my bikini-top more than once on a slide** And for sunbathing and lounging in the garden I have a bikini ( bought it on holiday in Germany last year) It's not perfect but has bright colors and the top comes off easily .. cause at home I tan topless.
    * no I don't care about the neighbors. It's just boobs.. get over it ;)