As of Late + Links!

Image by Theo Blazy
1- I cut my thumb nail too short this morning and its been bugging me ever since! 
2- So THIS bunny is both adorable and creepy! 
3- Spending all day in an air conditioned building makes me forget its summer, then the weekend comes and I'm DYING! 
4- The hunt for a new place to live continues. You know some kitchens still have carpet in them? WHY is that still a thing! 
5- I'm not usually one for rock music, but I'm LOVING these cute badass girls! 
6- THIS post on Rad and Hungry was really neat! 
7- Vacations always stress me out a little bit. Being a homebody makes leaving home tough sometimes! 
8- Floating record player? Looks stunning but makes me kinda nervous I'm not gonna lie.
9- The rewatch ability of the Office is amazing! I don't think i'll ever get old of it. 
10- I hate wearing a swim suit but love the beach so I guess I'll just have to deal. 

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