November Art Journal

I'm very behind on posting my art journal photos, but better late than never right? I've been delightfully engulfed in Christmas projects and home made gifties that I've let my blog get behind. Yet again! On the bright side I'm feeling oddly crafty and getting back into my crafty groove. Despite the snow, anxiety and chaos this month has given me I'm feeling more like my creative self again! Which hopefully means I'll get better at blogging regularly soonish! Until then I'm just going to post when I can and find time! 

1 comment:

  1. late or not, you art jorunal pages are delightfull as ever.
    Exactly how I picture my own journal will look like when I crack open a new one. Right before I start filling it with axiety ridden ramblings XD
    Glad to read t=you have found you creative mojo back =)
    PS> Your christmas mail is underway ;)