Hello November!

Oh man I think October was one of the laziest months I've had this year. Creatively speaking that is. I hardly sent out any mail and let my lil'blog get behind. Seems like ever since I moved I haven't found my creative spirit since. I'm not sure if its the change in the weather, environment or something else all together. I keep feeling like I need to just force myself to do something, anything creative. Even though I know if I'm not in the mood it'll turn out pretty crappy. BUT maybe that crappy result will give me the fire in my belly to create something wonderfully beautiful. Until than I suppose I'll just binge watch GIRLS and eat some pumpkin ice cream!

Any who, enough of me ranting about my feeeeeelings. Here are some photos from October that I wanted to share!
Carving pumpkins is something we always did growing up and as we got older we still continued to dig our hands into the smelly things. There just something about carving them that drowns me in nostalgia and I adore it.
This one is Zoei's. She always has the best. The amazing thing about her is her drawing skills are just ok but her sculpting skills are so incredibly natural she easily blows everyone out of the water. Definitely not a traditional medium kinda gal and I love it!
I had to make a desert for a work party so I made a bowl of worms! It turned out so creepy I thought people might not eat it. Luckily for me I just plopped them on a cool whip, marshmallow mixture and people couldn't resist. I mean come on, its cool whip and marshmallows what is not to love! Everyone devoured my creepy creation, which was wonderfully gross to watch!
Shameless bathroom selfie of my costume! This was totally a last minute idea. Zoei and I were wandering around Target when we found this fluffy sweater and things magically fell into place. It only took me one and a half episodes of Bobs Burgers to finish it! Which worked out really well cause those worms took up a lot of time! 
FACT: I'm incredibly unphotogenic and YES this is the best photo of me out of all the photos taken that day. Plus I didn't know what to do with my arms and I think I forgot to smile? But I wanted to share how cute my sisters costumes turned out. I'm still in awe over Zoei's Mary Marvel dress! 
I also wanted to share my shoes! Which was my favorite part of the rain cloud! My feet got cut off of every photo from that day. I harvested that stuffing from a dog toy and found these socks for $2! I thought it was clever and cute, but maybe I shouldn't compliment myself so much!

Phew! That month went by really fast. I hope you're all diving into the cold weather and preparing yourself of the holiday season! It is definitely among us!

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