Halloween Envelope Art Contest!

A little bit ago a friend posted this awesome envelope contest! This weekend I finally got around to doing it and getting it ready to send off! This contest was Edward Gorey Halloween themed! I'm such a huge fan of Edward Gorey's work. He has a such a distinct style. He really knows how to use textures and shades!
I'm quite happy with how mine turned out, although I totally messed up on one of the ghosts. BUT oh well! I'm still gonna send it in and I still wanted to share it with you! I could've done a little more with the textures and tried to go darker, but overall I like it! Doing this envelope really made me want to start incorporating more textures into my drawings.

If you'd like to send in a envelope you can go HERE to print out and form and get drawing! Also I found THIS really cool article about Edward Goreys mail art from a previous project! Eeek I'm so inspired to make some mail art now! And I'm feeling all Halloweeny!

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