Vinted Review and Rant

A couple weeks ago I was staying at my parents in my old room. Which is still a hot mess and covered with my stuff. I was roaming around in the closet and found that I still had a lot of clothes there that I probably wasn't going to wear. So I grabbed everything still with tags on it. (Mostly sale items that fit my body funkishly.) I downloaded the Vinted app and posted a few things. I was surprised how easy and kinda fun it was, so I wanted to share my experience with all of you!

Here it goes! They have a site that you can find HERE! Although I only really use my phone. You can see my profile THERE! Heres the quick run down how it works! You create a profile and can start posting some of your clothes. (But not your raggedy old clothes, the kinda stuff you'd give to a friend to wear!) You set the price, shipping and details. All that fun stuff! Then wait! While you wait for someone to snag up your stuff you can go browse other people closet. Favorite things, send messages to people asking about items or "follow" people if you like their closet. Its a neat community filled with all kinds of stuff! Then once your stuff sales you print out the label and send it off! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Things that I like:
Tons of tips on taking good pictures.
Awesome community.
Super easy.
App that makes it easy to check your feed.

Things that I don't like:
When people only want to swap.
Impatient people that send you annoying messages.
(I'm not realized that these are all human error not the apps fault!)

So there you have it! If you have a closet full of clothes that you don't wear and could use a few bucks. Its worth ago! Or at the very least you could post it for a few days and if not just give them away. Its worth a shot though don't you think?

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