Desk Findings: Purple Love!

Purple isn't my favorite color but I discovered that I have a bit of purple lying around! So here's some purpleness desk findings!
-Post card from my pen pal: A lovely reminder that "different is good."
-Tiny scissors: I got these HERE and they are the prefect size to fit in my purse!
-Full adhesive post-its: I love these and use them in my planner to keep me organized!
-Washi Tape: I've so much tape I can't remember where I got this one from. But I love the little rolls that can fit in my bag easily.
-Create a color pencil: I got this in my art snack box last month. I'm normally not a fan of water color pencils but this one is really nice. It has a good weight and flow to it.
-Letter from my pen pal: I love international mail. They always have the best stamps on them!

Phew! Maybe it's time to clean up my desk.

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