Lovely Things: Vintage Finds!

I adore vintage and "old" things! I think its nice to admire and reflect on the past. Plus some of the styles and things they had were really REALLY cool! As I've been roaming the interwebs I came across some cool old findings that I wanted to share! 
Record stamps! These combine two of my favorite things mail and vinyl records. Even cooler then that the records ACTUALLY WORK! My mind was blown when I was reading about these! Why do we not have these now! I'd buy a million! You can read more about it HERE

I just love this so much! Mostly cause I love wearing hair bows. Who knew they had so much meaning. "Not interested in men" made me laugh way to much! 
I'm a huge fan of lomo-cameras. I probably have way to many BUT I'm pretty sure I need one of these too! Fully functioning and beautifully refurbished! Find it in THIS etsy store! 
Vintage mug shots! I'm not sure what I love more about this photo, their dresses, shoes or hats?! Or the fact they theses are mug shots! How beautifully done are they! You can read all about them and see more HERE! 
I adore mail and stamps! I love this etsy shop that repurposes used stamps into stickers! Found in THIS etsy shop! 
"Going steady" Why is this not still a term we use?
I always wish I was brave enough to wear vintage clothes. My problem is that I can't ever find any my size or that I think will fit. If my sewing skills were better I'd probably buy a lot more and just alter them. BUT I'm so in love with this summery vintage dress! You can find it in THIS etsy shop! 

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