Post # 400!!

This is my 400th post! I'm happy that I've kept up on my bloggity blog for this long! I'll admit I sometimes get lazy and forget a post here and there. But so far with my new calendar this year I feel like I've been keeping on top of it! Which is a great feeling. I love blogging and reading blogs. I'm so happy to part of this internet universe of clever and insightful people. Hopefully I can keep it up and learn more and become a better blogger! Maybe one day actually gain some followers. But for now I'm quite content and happy with my little soap box in the world of the inter web! 


  1. Congrats with the 400th post! I hope you keep on keeping on because I like your blog, and I follow you on Bloglovin' :).

    1. You're such a cutie pie! It always makes my day when people read my blog!