Lovely Things: Rainy Days!

We've been getting tons of rain lately. I've been loving it cause its mostly in the evening when you can just sit home, curl up and relax! I love how scary and soothing thunderstorms can be! Since I've had rainy weather on the mind lately! This weeks lovely things post is rain themed! 
Amazing return address stamp! I'm sure once I own my own home I'm going to have way to many of there! (shop)
Lovely gif that kinda makes me have to pee. (source)
Amazing necklace that I'd buy in a heart beat if I had the money OR if I didn't pay my bills! (shop)
 These seem to be pretty popular lately! Lyrics put over famous old paintings. Can't say that I dislike it cause its quite brilliant. This one happens to be a Arctic Monkeys song! (source)
Rain drop garland! I've been searching for a garland to match my hipster christmas lights in the basement. Haven't decided on one yet, but I'm loving this rainy one! (shop)
 Crazy beautiful lightening! (source)

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