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I stumbled upon THIS lil' grammar quiz the other day. Now, I knew that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm becoming quite keen on writing and figured I couldn't do that bad. I was quite surprised to find that I scored a 80% (Which is passing if I was still in school! Three cheers for the minimum requirement!) This started quite the conversation amongst my co-workers, as many of them did know the "rules" either. Zoei sent me THIS and THAT, which apparently is how she was able to remember the silly rules and score so well! In the end my question is...Does writing a blog help you with your grammar? Or because its a free-form sort of writing it hinders you in a way. I mean, I make up words all the time when I'm writing a post. I also have the bad habit of using, way, too, many, commas! Now you think I'd have the upper hand because I also write a TON of letters. But after I thought about it, my letters are probably worse then my blog posts, because its lacking the auto-correct function. But I suppose spelling is a whole other beast aside from grammar.

So what did you score?? Do you think writing a blog helped or hurt?

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