Letter Findings: Frieda and Georgia

I've recently stepped up my mail art game and have been digging around a bit more on the interweb. I've come across some cool findings! This is a letter from Frieda Kahlo to Georgia O'Keeffe. I admire and adore both of these talented ladies. Both of them very passionate, troubled and oh so intriguing! I've read this letter about a million times. At first I felt a bit creepy, like I was reading someones diary when they weren't looking. In a sense I suppose its something similar to that. But I can't help myself!

Ah man, letters are amazing. I hope when I'm old I can dig though my letters and be enamored all over again. For more information or to see it bigger, go HERE! (Also dig around in there catalog, they have some neat stuff. I've been obsessing over it.) 

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