Lovely Things: Food!

It's that time of year where I digress and become quite lazy. Well, towards my blog that is. Why is it once your life speeds up the blogging world get left behind. Which is quite sad when I really start to dissect it. But alas, I'll get better. I AM getting better! I figured I haven't blogged much about Christmas so here are my obligated Christmas-y posts! 

FOOD! It's not the holiday season with out food. Here are some recipes that I've found that I would LOVE to try if I ever find the time! 

Spur of the moment cookies? Yes please! Lemon Cookies found at Though and Though! 

I've never heard of Juniper sugar before, but it sounds hella fancy! I need to fancy it up a bit and give it a go!  Chocolate Sables with Juniper Sugar Apt. 2b Baking! 

If I can plan it right I'm going to try and make these for Christmas morning. I think Zo would LOVE that! Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls found at A Beautiful Mess! 

Tis the season to gain weight! Woohooo, embrace the chunky love! 

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  1. I love eggnog. I adore cinnamon. I fancy rolls. Therefore, I must try that last recipe!