List of Thoughts...

something for march.

Ten things that have been on my mind as of late:
1) Why does time speed up in December?
2) Homemade gifts are the poor man's advantage. 
3) Of course the one time I'm feeling creative would be when I don't have time to actually be creative. 
4) Anytime someone says Christmas isn't fun when you get older is CLEARLY doing it wrong. 
5) Pretty much in love with THIS!
6) It's impossible to keep the floors clean in the winter time. Right when I mop someone tracks dirty snow though the kitchen! 
7) Wouldn't mind THESE for Christmas! Not practical, but totally bad ass! 
8) I should read more...and write more. How I long to be a poet. (We all have dreams, right?)
9) Being sneaky and planning the prefect present and making it a surprise is the best thing ever! 
10) Still haven't sent out my Christmas post cards, oopsy! 

Too much to do, not enough time! I'm sad I've been neglecting my bloggity blog lately. There just isn't enough time!! Things will slow down soon hopefully and I'll have time to rant and rave about the craziness I've going on in my head. Also, have some time to read some blogs! I've 800 posts on my bloglovin' that need to be read! AAhhhhh where did the time go! 

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