Song and Doodle #78

This edition on song and doodle comes at you in the form of Peach Fuzz by Caamp. I've only recently gotten into this raspy singer song writer. I'm still not sure why Caamp has two A's? I could probably google it. ANYWAYS, this bouncy tune has quickly made its mark my summer anthem. Its undeniably cute and catchy. It so hard to not dance a lil' bit to this song! It taps into the familiar feeling of wanting more of a good thing. It also has a killer little guitar solo in the middle that is just so danceable! Which is saying a lot cause i'm not a one for dancing, but its just so darn good! Gah I can barely handle its sweetness!
"No need to complicate it  
I had fallen in love 
With you, so underrated 
Something fillin’ up my lungs"

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