Rad Berry- Sad Berry Zine

I made a new zine last month! This summer it seems like a lot of really sad world events keep happening. I never know if this how life has always been and I'm just now aware of it? BUT to combat my summer bummers I wanted to make something cute! So I made this accordion zine called Rad Berry- Sad Berry. I'm not sure this zine makes all that much sense but the process made me feel so much better about the world. The power of art am I right? After making this zine I set a challenge for myself to make a whole new zine the month of August. So far i'm not sure if I'm going to make it, but I still have a little bit of time! Long story short- if you're feeling a bit weird create something! It just might help!
If you're interested in a copy I'd be happy to mail you some cute mail! Email me at remikeahi@gmail.com!

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