Bottle Zines

Eek! I meant to write this post months AGO, but better lat then never! Last spring I made some tiny bottle zines. When we were cleaning out our old garage there was this box of tiny bottles that I scooped up and knew I wanted to use them for some kind of zine! I made a bunch of tiny folded up messages then snuck in some little charms that fit the "theme" of each message! I took these with me to Grid Zine. I didn't sell very many of them mostly because I don't think people understood what it was. BUT this really cute little girl bought one and she looked at it like it was magic and it totally made my day! 
I still have a couple of these left over if you'd like one, you can email me at! I also can make little copies of these zine inserts if you're into ultra tiny feel good zines!

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