Lino Cut Prints!

Last month when Zoei and I were exploring the art store I picked up a 4X6 linoleum block! I haven't done one of these carvings in YEARS! Print making is one of my all time favorite mediums. I'm hoping to do a whole block printed zine, but figured I should start simple since its been so long. The photo above you can see my process prints! The first one is always rough and then I know where I need to clean up from there. I could probably still clean it up a bit but I like a bit of messy spots left behind. Block printing always has such a distinct choppy, splotchy feel to it and I prefer to leave some of that in. Plus you kinda get to a point where you want to be done! Or at least I do.
I made some collage backgrounds to lay my block print on top of in my normal mixed media fashion.
Why keep it simple when you can mush all the things together! I love the textures of these backgrounds and I'm going though a hardcore ocher yellow summer phase. My plan is to do a few more of these and send out at postcards. I'm mostly curious as to how well a print will survive in the post. I have a varnish spray I use to set it but who knows what happens in the postal process!
The last time I did a lino cut I was in college! I kept having these swelling feelings of nostalgia. I have so many insecure feelings about dropping out of art school. During this carving process made me think about my past self a lot. I've changed a lot and not at all in some ways. Getting to process some of those feelings though being creative was really refreshing if not a little bit sad. (not like sad sad but good sad) I wish I knew where my life is going. Seems like once I have a direction everything changes and I know nothing all over again. Maybe one day I'll figure it out. Until then I suppose I'll keep creating! 

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