I'm going to be honest with you. I'm super cheesy and I love Valentines Day. For the longest time I hated it. I hated being single. I hated that I felt dumb for hating it. Then one year I decided to stop hating it. I decided that I would make it a day and time of year that I enjoyed. A time that I stoped to love myself and indulge myself. A time to year to look at all the love around me and be in love with all the love that drifted in and out of everything around me. So on this wintery Thursday I'm going to go home and take a bubble bath, eat some ice cream and think of all the ways I'm proud of myself. I hope your days is glowing with little flickers of love everywhere!

P.S If you need a quick Valentines card for someone THIS is the post for you! Its never too late!

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