Read it: Garden Spells and First Frost

Books number two and three! I'm keeping a pretty good pace reading more this year. I finished both of these in a couple days. They are written by Sarah Addison Allen and follow a witchy family, the Waverly sisters. The first, Garden Spells was my favorite and it was a delight to have the follow up, First Frost to get some closure with the characters. They are both pretty short so reading them back to back was nice. In the end I really enjoyed these books more than I thought I would! They follow sisters that have incredible mystical gifts and their journey dealing with family and misunderstood sisterhood.  It was very relatable for me since I only have sisters and such different dynamics with each of them. These books felt like a less spooky Practical Magic. It has that same kinda witchy- but-not, sister feels. I really wish I would have read these in the fall since there is a nice spooky-autumn vibe. If you're looking for a quick feel good read then I highly recommend these two!

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