Lovely Things: Valentine Gifts

Every year for Valentines I buy myself lots of gifts that I would normally deem unnecessary to spend money on or too expensive! Theres definitely some self indulgent tendencies this commercial holiday brings out in me. I don't think its all bad, but ask me again in March when I'm looking at how broke I am. Here is this years short list of stuff I'd like to gift myself.
I'm SO into hair scrunchies lately. The little 90's child in me is LOVING all these cute scrunchie companies popping up everywhere// Andi
I mean how cute is this pillow?! Not only is it cute but it heats up, its a WARMING pillow!! // Smokonow
I'm not sure how efficient this heart shaped towel would be, but I kinda don't care. Its adorable! //
Lip, cheek and eye color all rolled into one? Yes. Please. // Thrive Causemetics 
These roll on oils always smell so dreamy. I definitely need some love potion!// Little Shop of Oils

Last but not least this super unnecessary lil' face stamp! I can't imagine that every day I'd want a lil' heart shaped beauty mark on my face. BUT I think its a wonderful, unique little face accessory. // Milk Makeup

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