Lovely Things: BUGS!

I've had quite the obsession with bugs lately. Which sounds kinda gross and creepy! But I'm just fascinated about pretty little crawly things. The variety is HUGE! There are so many bugs out there! I've been a fan of honey bees, so I think it was just a matter of time that I branched out to more crawly things! Moths are especially my favorite. Mostly because they come is more colors and sizes then butterflies! Anyways, here are some of my current bug findings! 
This flying fluffy bug that looks like a lobster!!! I love Atlas Obscura and I especially loves THIS post about bugs! 
Once I started looking around I found that there are a log of moth enamel pins! Such as THIS one. So many that I now want to start a bug pin collection!
This amazing plate was painted in 1840! I was reading THIS lovely article about the artist Johan Quast! Its a pretty neat little read. 
Insanely dainty bugs made out of flowers! Raku Inoue hits me with all the feels with these little flower arrangements, found HERE!
Last but not least THIS brooch has me saving pennies for years in hopes that I could one day afford a master piece like this!

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