Out Going Mail!

Finally all my letters are caught up on! I always feel bad when there are months and months between responses. BUT I sent everyone heaps of new zines so hopefully they forgive my late reply! When ever I copy zines I always make way too many, that way I can send them off. I'm not sure if this is a good plan or not but I just get so excited about NEW that I want to make a million copies! Every time a zine festival comes along I always make a bunch of new ones. I have this terrible habit that I only make new around a festival. I should be making zines ALL the time cause zines are the best! Also at this rate I'll never make it though my list of ideas.
I'm really happy how these collage mixed media envelopes turned out! I've found its always best to make custom envelopes for zines just cause the sizes usually don't fit in my already made envelopes. I hope my homemade envelopes made it to their destination before falling apart! I did wrap them up in packaging tape to prevent any kinda damage, but the post cause be rough on mail! (especially pretty mail!)
I'll be posting photos of my new zines soon (if I remember to take photos!) until then if  you'd like some mail go HERE and I'll send you out some pretty mail in the next batch!

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