April Art Challenge Re-Cap!

A little bit ago I did THIS post about By Bun's April Art Challenge! My original idea was to post them on here as I went but April went by so fast I barely got them up on my Instagram. So I thought I'd so a re-cap post and include all of my lil' drawings for April! I'm actually surprised how well I kept up with this challenge, normally I give up quickly as things become busy!
Day 1- Amphibian Day 2- Skeleton
Day 3- Poisonous Day 4- Pre-Historic
Day 5- Witchy Day 6- Royalty
Day 6- Tentacles Day 8- 80s
Day 9- Phobia Day 10-Lunch
Day 11- Dice Day 13- Superstition
Day 15- Tombstone Day 14- Video Game
Day 16- Appliance Day 17- A Pair
Day 18- Unusual Landscape Day 19- One Eyed
Day 20- Baked Day 21- Voodoo
Day 22- Four Elements Day 23- Menagerie
Day 28- Eight Legged Day 24- Quote
Day 25- Undead Day 27- Wounded
Day 26- Something Black Day 29- Film Scene
Day 30- My favorite moment of April, Grid Zine Fest!

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