Song and Doodle #67

Todays song and doodle is Can We Hang On? by Cold War Kids. Cold War Kids is one of those bands that I forget that I like. They have really catchy songs, kinda cryptic lyrics that can mean everything and anything. I love how this song can get stuck in your head. It makes you wanna listen to it a million times and start every playlist with this track. Straight from the beginning this song demands your attention. I'll admit the whole *new* album release they had was a bit of a miss for me. This track was the stand out and it makes sense, its a neat song with a good hook. I suppose thats expected with any band that has a large discography and has been making music for a long time. Some songs are good and some are bad, so it goes. Still a really solid band that I love to sing along with. What do you think? Love or hate?
"I think about tomorrow. If I can get through tonight
I know that we'll be alright. Can we be strong?"

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