Outgoing Mail!

I took the weekend and got caught up on all my mail! I wanted to make some flip book kinda things. These turned out alright, but I really need to watch more flip book tutorials I can't get them to sit or fold right for some reason. To hide by crappy flippy craftsmanship I added a whole lotta paint and tape to these suckers. I'm now realizing I don't have to collage to so much if I'm just going to paint over. BUT I feel like I'm learning a lot, finding a good balance! 
The cat was a last minute addition and turned out to be my favorite part! This one was the first one I did and I forgot to add little pockets. My next two had better planning, but I rushed the paint job a bit. Like I said earlier, I'm learning a lot! 
I really liked the way these fold outs turned out. The biggest issue was leaving space for the letter. I wrote too much and had to cram it in the back pocket. Now I know, leave more room or the letter!
Last but not least this one was more centered around the letter, less around the artsy-ness. I think it turned out nice, although I was tired of the polka dots by the end. I think this will be my go to format for my next flippy letters! 

I had such a productive weekend! Now I can get started on some art journaling! 

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  1. that gorgeous flip-book landed on my doormat today!!!!
    Its fabulous!