List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- We had a couple of warm days last week and I thought for a minute winter was about over. I was wrong, we got a fresh batch of snow this week. I'm to the point where I'm ready for summer, sweatiness and all!
2- Yayoi Kasuma has a show going on in DC right now. I've been contemplating a spontaneous vacation if I can save enough monies.
3- I'm not a podcast person, but lately I've really been into them. I thought it would be like the radio and hard to pay attention too. I'm LOVIN 99% Invisible. They post a lot about designs and people. Its real good, check it out!
4- I haven't been to the doctors in ages until recently. I thought I should go before I get kicked off my insurance. Its been good, but now I'm going through a round about of tests that are nerve wracking and annoying. Its for the best, right?
5- On the bright side I'm learning so much about anatomy! I had no idea how much stuffs I had in my abdomen! haha
6- I'm obsessing over Japanese Cheesecake lately. So jiggly!! I even just bought some cake pans!
7- After reading THIS I'm wanting to put pompoms on all my clothes. Would that be too much?
8- Seriously dreaming about summer! I can't wait to give gardening another go. I hope this year is better then last!
9- I'm kinda crazy in love with THIS song! Local tunes are usually the best!
10- I'm getting a lotta the lonely feels these days. I'm not sure if thats a sign that I should start dating more, or maybe just buy a new dress!

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