Lovely Things: Valentines Gifts!

Every year for Valentines I get myself a gift. I'll confess I buy myself lots of things cause I'm spoiled but on Valentines I always get one thing thats out of the normal and special. I mean if no one else is going to get me something special I should just get it myself! Plus its so hard to be sad about being a single lady when you've got neat gifts and some ice cream! So I've compiled a list of lovely things that are on the list to potentially buy myself! Do you have a wish list of things you want?
I'm in love with this woven pattern! Puravida
 I think these rose gold opal rings are just magical! Looks like something a unicorn would give as a gift! Galaway Designs
I've only recently started wearing eye makeup on a daily basis. I love the idea of this cake mascara and I'm lovin the vintage feel! Besame Cosmetics
This hair slide is amazing! I've been wanting to get one of these for a while and this one with a teeny bee on it is just awesome! Rachel Pfeffer Designs
 I've been eyeing these wipes for a while. I love the whole idea about love wellness making really neat useful products! I wish these were on the more affordable side, but it seems like it worth the splurge! Love Wellness

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