My Late Resolutions Post!

Its that time again where we make New Years resolutions and all get fresh starts! I'll admit this post is a wee bit late, but thats been the pattern of my life lately. Always a little bit late! The past week or so I keep reading things on how you shouldn't make resolutions and how people give up on them in February anyways, so why bother. But I've never really let myself get too discouraged about not meeting my goals and honestly I love going back and reading though my goals! Each year when I set my goals I'm in a hopeful state of mind and in that moment of the fresh year waiting in front of me, so I love reading a year ago what I had hoped and dreamed for! The whole reason why I started this blog 3 years ago was as a part of my new years resolutions!

Review of last years goals!
1- Be kind to myself! I must say I've been doing really good at this one and my self esteem is on the rise! This past year I've really grown to enjoy myself, flaws and all! 
2- Be Adventurous! I did well on this one too! I tried a bunch of new restaurants and took a few vacations. I can probably still work on this one, but I'd call it a success! 
3- Start a portfolio! Yeah...didn't do so great at this one. I've realized its quite a daunting task and I've no idea where to start. Maybe one day I'll figure it out! 
4-Write more! I'd say this on was medium successful. I did write a lot of zines! Which have poems and little blurbs in them. I was moderately consistent but probably could kick it up a few notches! 

Phew! 2015 was a challenging year full of ups and downs. The best moments in life are frequently the unpredictable ones! 

2016! I'm keeping this list pretty short and broad, I don't want to put too much pressure on myself.
1- Cut down on using disposable products! This mostly means things like plastic utensils, napkins, paper plates and things of the sort. I realized at work I really go though napkins and forks like crazy! Once you start thinking about it a plastic fork a day really starts to add up! My goal now is to change this habit slowly but surly! I've already bought some cloth napkins and some un-paper towels to get me off on the right foot! 
2- Respond to letters quicker! Right now I'm super slow and responding, mostly cause I get lazy. But I really want to get my turn around time to a week and under. Seems do able, right?
3- Work on building up my relationships! I am terrible at relating to people. I let 90% of my friendships and romantic relationships just dwindle away until they disappear. I've a bad reputation as as a loner and I really want to turn that around! 
4- Home lunches! Lunch is one of the harder meals to plan cause you really have to think ahead. Its often hard to me to think in the morning what I want to eat later in the day. Then usually someone goes out and buys fries and my home lunch looks really depressing comparatively!  I just need to get better and planning and sticking to it! 
5- Be HAPPY! Every day I try to write down 3 things that made me happy that day. I've only been doing it for a week and its amazing how much better it makes me feel! It causes me to be actively looking for happiness in the everyday. If I can keep up with it I think it can really boost the amount of HAPPY in my life! 

This post is a teeeeny bit longer then usual. I'm feeling hopeful and excited for the new-newness that the start of a year always brings! I hope you all embrace the fresh path that is laid before you and make the most of your year! Best wishes and keep on keeping on! 

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  1. it's always a good idea to think about where you want your life to go. Even if you don't quite stick to the plans you made ;)
    I filled out the "unravelling 2016 workbook" from Susannah Conway. It reflects on 2015 and get's you thinking about 2016.
    now I have all these wild plans but no clue about how to make them happen XD