Song and Doodle #55

This weeks song and doodle come from a band called FOUR EYES. Being an avid glasses wearer I had a bit of a bias upon my first listen, just cause of the name. As a whole this band took me a minute to grow on me, but I'm glad I let it! I was drawn to one specific track pretty quickly which helped me hold onto this little gem! The song Help Me Hate You is spiritually captivating, well at least for me! Right from the beginning she slowly scoops you up and starts to tell you a story that feels all too familiar. As the song progresses it builds and strings you along. Back up vocals carry the uniqueness of her voice to a new level. By the end of the song you feel like she's taken a page out of your sob story and made it less ridiculous and turned into something beautiful. She transforms a story we've all been in and have felt childish in our reactions, but this song says f*ck what everyone says I'm gonna feel how I feel even if I know better. Am I thinking too much into this song? Possibly. Is that what I love about music? Absolutely!

"Maybe in another life we could have tried and made it right, 
and I know no one's to blame, but I blame you anyway. "

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  1. I love the unique voice. Folky-soultry and fantastically whispy. And the words are beautiful.