I was on tumblr admiring some of the artists on there when I was drawn to MISO's collection of stick n' poke tattoos! Which you can see HERE! I like that they call them "homemade tattoos" sounds a whole lot LESS scary. I had no idea what a stick'n poke tattoo was, so I asked my friend handy dandy Google! Basically what I found out is "homemade tattoos" are exactly what they sound like! Yup, poking yourself with a needle to leave a little mark, just like real tattoos but crappy versions. Well, I shouldn't say that because I've come across some cool ones! (like HERE and THERE) But beware there are some really REALLY icky looking ones out there. Like they clearly just got drunk and let there buddy poke them with whatever. Which after reading THIS I realized that it actually can be really dangerous! I was getting scared for all the moody teens on tumblr seeing their crappy tats, I mean that's FOR LIFE! Anyways, I never was a very good teenager and hardly do reckless things, so maybe a homemade tattoo isn't for me.

But I did a little research and wanted to share a cool finding! THESE people make a lovely little kit! That you can buy and have all the stuff sterile and ready to go. Plus awesome instructions that taught me a lot about stick'n poke. In the end I guess I learned that this isn't for me unless I happen to be in Australia and MISO wants to give me one, then I'd have to do it! Yet another reason why I need to go to Australia.

Aside from thinking about getting a homemade tattoo, I'm ready to commit and just get a real one already! I keep dragging my feet and go though phases where I really want one, then not so much. I've changed my mind about a billion times. My latest  idea is to get a bee tattoo. I'm not sure why but I've this odd obsession with bee's. Sometimes I just like to read about them and then rant to Zoei about what I've learned. So I've been working on some bee illustrations and I'll have to share once I get something that's actually worth sharing!

Phew! Enough ranting! Hope you all had a lovely Monday!


  1. DO it! A bee would be awesome! I have a couple and I love them! Including a selfie one. I think my ones that I had done at real shops will likely last longer but it is a nice little bit of pride looking down and my self inflicted one :)

    1. OoOOh!! I'd love to see yours! I think I might've convinced my sister to let me give her a "homemade tattoo"!! I have been working on sketches this week though. But now I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to find a good tattoo artist in Utah. Oh well, I'll get my design done first! haha.