Pen Review!

I recently bought a few pens off of and I wanted to share a do a little review of my nifty new pens! I'm pretty sure take reviews to heart way to often, but I mean how else do you know what to buy? Anyways here our my opinions about these pens! 

I love Copic markers and pens, but man are they expensive! I've only saved enough pennies to buy a few of them in my life time, cause lets be realistic 10$ for one pen is a bit extreme! I really wanted a nice ultra fine point and this was the tinniest tip that I could find. Which I found out was waaaay too fine and ran it into the ground within the first day. Luckily I was smart and bought replacement tips! I went a few sized up so hopefully it'll last longer. I love that about this pen you initially pay a lot but can save buy getting replacement parts. Overall, super sturdy and great for super fine detail, as you can see in my Frida quote! The piece of paper I did my quote on is only a couple inches big, I should've shown a comparison photo..darn. But in the end not so great on the wallet, you can get better for cheaper. 

This is by far my new favorite pen. I've gotten one of these before and I loved it. Its my go to drawing pen these days. I like that its metal tip so it never gets worn down. Which is good for me cause I have a bad habit of pushing really hard (micron pens get destroyed with me!) It's light weight and ultra fine. The only thing I don't like about it, is the ink doesn't last long and once it gets low its very inconsistent. Usually a shake or leaving it upside down for a bit will help, but at that point its better to buy a new one. At 3$ a pen I wish it would last longer. Overall this pen is the bee's knees. 

I grouped these together cause they we're my two least favorite. First! The ball point pen. I was expecting to be in love with this pen but after using it for a bit I realized the ink flow is VERY inconsistent. Which is one of the most frustrating things ever! At 8$ a pen I expected more. I am finding that this is a good letter writing pen. Mostly cause its light weight and gives a pretty fine line. Its super slim and makes it easy to tuck way into a sketchbook or purse. You can get replacement inky bits, so maybe I'll have to try and get a refill to see if maybe the one I got was just defected. Second! Fine liner grey marker pen! I'm always on the look out for grey markers because I like to shade stuff and out line black drawings with gray shadows. The only thing I don't really like about this pen is that it looks slightly purplish to me. Maybe my eyes are just funky but it really bothered me. It was only 1.30$ so I'm not at a total loss and it does pretty well. Just isn't amazing. 

Well there you have it! My super long ranty post about pens! What kinda pens or art supplies do you like? I love reading what artists go to tools are! I think its so interesting!


  1. To coax a pen that doesn't want to write, or whose ink has separated, I like to use centrifugal force. I have a baby medicine spoon. It has a closed handle like a test tube, with measurement markings on the side, then opens to a spoon bowl, made of plastic. I drilled a hole in the spoon bowl, and attached a strong nylon string. When a pen doesn't want to work, I stick it into the handle, point first, then twirl it fast over my head, letting the string stretch out a bit. The centrifugal force makes the ink migrate towards the point. Much better than trying to blow on the open end of a ball point refill. Give it a try. I think I bought the spoon at a $1 store.

    1. Oh wow, good idea! I'll for sure have to try that! Thanks so much for the tip!

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