Linky Love.

I've been meandering the interweb lately and wanted to share some of the awesome findings! I'm constantly in awe over the amazing stuff that I come across. There are some cool people out there with some good ideas. It kinda of amazing when you think about it! Ya and all.

Anyways! First off I'm smitten over the artist Nathaniel Russell. I love him even more after reading THIS interview. I mean, the guy is just cool. Plus I admire freelance artists/designers immensely.

Art by Nathaniel Russell
Second! I'm in love with THIS post from over at Sweetapolita! I mean baking goods as beauty products? I'm not even that girly and I love this post! I love learning cool facts about natural products and how to use them. It feels so much better then rubbing some chemicals that I can't pronounce on my face.

Third! I'm really saving my pennies to get Paper to Petal, a new book about making paper flowers. I love paper flowers because they look neato and last forever! I've found some cool tutorials on Oh Happy Day on how to makes them. I haven't tried yet. But I do know I want that book! Its so pretty looking! I always though a garland of paper flowers would make any room look pretty! Let's just say its on the bottom on my very long crafty to do list!

Last but not least I'm totally excited for Group Loves's newest album. Which thanks to the beauties at NPR you can listen to the whole thing before it comes out this week! I love first listen, I think its the main reason why I respect NPR so much, even though the voices always put me to sleep! I have some more music discoveries that I want to share, but I think I'll save that for its own post. Plus, I have been sharing a TON of music lately. Maybe even too much! Oh well, who doesn't love music, right?!

I hope you all have a lovely successful week! 

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