Nifty Things for an Adventure!

For a while now I've been feeling like I've been in need of an adventure. But instead of actually planning a adventure I've just been finding cool things that seem like they'd be very useful on an adventure. So basically the made up adventure in my head these are the things I wish I could afford to buy to take with me. Yeah, that sounds a whole lot crazier once I wrote it down!

First! Travelers Notebook! You can't go on a adventure with out an notebook. How else are you suppose to take notes and doodle to keep yourself occupied. I imagine theres lots of waiting when you travel. Not to sure though. Also THIS pen would go perfectly with this notebook!

Second! Messenger bag! Oh man I'm such a sucker for bags. I'm so in LOVE with this one. It just screams, I'm adventurous and I know what I'm doing!  Plus you have to have a good bag to tote all your stuff around, right?

Third! Cute phone case! Ok, so maybe this one isn't the more practical thing for an adventure. But it felt like it matched the rest so I couldn't resist. I'm having the worlds hardest time finding a good case that works for me! 

Forth! Water proof undies! Ok I know what your thinking. That seems weird and do you plan on wetting yourself while traveling? Well, no I don't. BUT you know if your traveling and you get your lady time, you're gonna be glad that you had these! I actually want these regardless of traveling or not. They are just practical AND adorable! Read more about them HERE!

I still haven't planned on where I'm going. But at least I found what I'm going to take with me! Well, if I had lots of money. 

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