New Website!

During this quarantine time I set a goal for myself to finally compile a portfolio! This is a task that has been sleeping on the bottom of my to do list for ages. When thinking about what domain and services to sign up for I was hesitant to dump some cash into it. After exploring a lot of options and pricing I decided now was the time to set up my Peachy Keen Press site. I recently started sending out monthly email newsletters and have begun forming the idea of Peachy Keen Press more clearly, so its a step in the right direction. Also sometimes you just need to get started ya know?

With my new Peachy Keen website I have a new blog platform! Which means I won't be updating this one, but my new one over H E R E! Right now it feels a bit weird and scary to change blogs over. Since its a service I pay for I figured I'd keep it all in one place. This is one of the steps in this progress of building myself up that has felt like a new chapter. I started this blog in 2013! What a life time ago! It has changed so much since then. My blogging has also been a bit inconsistent, but what do you expect in 7 years? I'm so proud of this little online catalog of art, thoughts and projects I've created.

I hope you join me as I start to build up this idea of Peachy Keen Press. I have done some serious goal setting. This is the most confident in my art plans that I have ever been. I'm excited, scared and full of hope and love!

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