Outgoing Mail!

I have been sending a lot of zine lately. Which always makes me really happy to share my art bits! I made a huge batch of mail the other day to get me all caught up with responses and zine mailings. I had a lot of fun making and junking up these envelopes. My weakness is always addressing them. I've been doing this for ages it feels like and adding the address always mucks it up a little bit. I think it is in part that a) I need to practice writing numbers and b) I forget to plan ahead when I'm adding mixed media bits and leave a large enough space for the address! The main thing I do love about mail art is parting with it after its done! It is so easy to knit-pick at art work and find a million things I'd changed. BUT with snail mail, just send it off and no need to dwell! Also the feedback I get from my penpals is always wonderful. Its just fun to fill someones mailbox up with a bit of mixed media mess!

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