I've taken on the Inktober challenge again this year! So far it is going swimmingly. I've been following the Drawlloween prompt list by Mab Graves. She puts so much thought into her lists and so far its had the perfect balance between challenging but not overwhelming! I'm not putting too much pressure on myself and am keeping it all simple. Its just about half way so I thought I'd compile my drawings so far into a post! You can find all these on my instagram @remikeahi. This year I decided to incorporate color and try my best to keep the same color palette. Which is more tricky than I thought it would be, but the challenge is good for me!
The prompt list! Follow the hashtag to see all the other wonderful creations out there! 
One- Vampire
Two- Catacombs
Three- Bat
Four- Candelabra
Five- Huntress
Six- Black Dog
Seven- Yokai
Eight- Toad
Nine/Ten- Witch Coven
Eleven- Tarot
Twelve- Cryptid
Thriteen- Chimera
Fourteen- Laboratory
Fifteen- Frankenstien

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