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This year I set a goal to cook more and over time that has turned into bake more. Baking and cooking are kinda the same, right? I've found that I really enjoy baking when I have a creative block. Something about the process is so magical that it gives me the same sense of creativity but with in bounds of recipes and instructions. This past little bit I've been testing out THIS galette recipe. I had no idea what a galette was, but they are so pretty! Also I discovered a little bit easier than a pie! (Although uses pretty much the same elements) I have been using THIS crust recipe that is really easy and has some great tips! I haven't had a non-flaky crust yet! *fingers crossed* I use to be so intimidated by pie dough but if I can do it you can do it! 
Strawberry and blackberry! This one leaked a little bit, but for my first try not bad. I enjoy how homey these flopped over crusts turned out.
I also made a savory one! It has zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and lots of cheese!
AND I made traditional pie and attempted to do a fancy crust. I learned what not to do with crust designs as you can tell from the uneven coloring, but it still turned out tasty. This one has pineapple, apple and lihing!

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