Spring Bits

We've been having a mighty wet spring here in the valley of Utah. I personally love how the cold still clings to my dresses and the unpredictableness of it all. Not an ideal spring but still lovely nonetheless. I keep flip flopping on whether I want to put together a garden or not. My window is quickly closing so if anything I might settle fo an herb garden. I enjoy the process of growing things despite always killing at least one plant. I've been focusing on caring for my houseplants lately. I got new pots for them and found new sunny spots in the house for them to reside. I'm trying my best to live out my plant lady dreams, hopefully I don't kill anything!
My little plant babies.
We also are doing some sun lemons this year. We won't be able to enjoy these until the end of summer and watching them turn all brown and watery has been fun. Sun lemons are essence of my childhood and I can't wait to see how the turn out!
Got the cutest little clipping off of my pilea plant! Hopefully by the end of summer she'll be ready for a new larger pot.
Its trick to find pots to with holes on the bottoms. It took me forever to find these two! If you have any cute planter recommendations let me know!

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